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I fall in love daily. Can't help it. Usually it's with a cold slice of pizza, but today it was the work of Lisa Hedge. Lisa is a graphic designer based out of New York City, currently holed up at Partners & Spade


While doing my research on past Young Gun winners, I picked her out of the lineup and was immediately in. The work is gorgeous. Beautiful typography, gorgeous layout, simple and effective use of colour. Consistently beautiful. 

I quit the profession about eleven times while going through her work. Really great. 


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Passion's one of those things you can't fake. Passion is something that happens behind closed doors, when nobody's looking. Passion will call you a cheater, a liar. It'll call you out for slacking off and not giving a shit. That's what gets me out of bed every morning. And it looks like I'm not the only one.

I've been a fan of Dan Cassaro's work for years, probably since he launched his 50 States project. There's a work ethic that you can feel in his output, you know? You can tell he gives a shit. And he recently did an interview that was so ridiculously refreshing that I thought I'd share it. Check it out

What's different about this interview than others you'll often read with designers is that there's really no fluff. No bullshit. Maybe that's Dan's thing, but the canned responses of, "oh, you know, I used to draw when I was a kid so I knew I should become a designer" just isn't there. The same honesty you see in his work is what he lays down in the interview. Really refreshing to see someone that I look up to just doing his thing, not worrying about the awards, accolades, or anything else - just concerned about doing a good job.

That's really all that matters in the end anyway. And today was a good day to be reminded of that. 

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Zeal. You need it. Mr. Sign's got it. Loads of it. Dave Arnold's been on our radar since early last year, and a constant inspiration since. The story goes like this: creative guy gets bummed out from eating too many hot dogs and disillusioned from life as a band roadie, starts painting Santa's in various shop windows across Montreal, convinces Joe Beef he can hold his own as a sign painter - then goes ahead and actually holds his own as a sign painter. Brilliance.

Check out his portfolio. Marvel at the greatness. Then go watch this video. What a gem. 

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First blog post. Pretty daunting. Instead of being overly insightful or profound, thought we'd share our favourite song of 2013. That's all. Ok, back to work.